During the Covid-19 crisis, the majority of the bookstores and newsagents around the world that usually sell Philosophy Now closed for some time. Most have now opened again. Here is a brief summary of the current availability as we understand it, with apologies for any errors.

UK: All WHSmith high street stores are open once more. Most branches of WHSmith Travel at train stations and about half of their branches at airports have reopened. Some Waterstones and Blackwell’s bookstores have switched on the lights but may not yet have restocked. Most of the independent newsagents that stock Philosophy Now never closed.

USA: Most Barnes & Noble bookstores are now selling magazines again. They all either have or will shortly receive supplies of Philosophy Now. Some independent bookstores and newsstands also sell the magazine.

Canada: Most branches of Indigo Books are now open.

Ireland: All branches of Eason’s are now open again, with safety measures.

Australia: Most independent news agents around the country remain open and continue to sell Philosophy Now.

Worldwide: We are still able to send subscription copies and single copies of Philosophy Now to most addresses around the world. There are still delays to international airmail due to the reduced number of passenger flights.

Stay well and stay safe!

The Philosophy Now Team

Philosophy Now in WHSmith

When the very first issue of Philosophy Now was published way back in 1991, it was sold in less than 20 shops. These days every issue of Philosophy Now is available from several thousand newsstands and bookstores around the world. Many of them also sell Philosophy Now: The Ultimate Guide to Ethics. Of course, if you choose to subscribe then we can send you the magazine wherever you are in the world. But if you prefer to pick up a copy and look through it, as many do, then this is a guide to where you can find it.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Philosophy Now is sold from hundreds of newsagents around the country, including many branches of WHSmith in high streets, railway stations and airports. Numerous city-centre bookstores and university bookstores also stock it, particularly branches of Blackwell’s, John Smith’s and Waterstones.

You can use these links to find your nearest UK stockist for Philosophy Now and The Ultimate Guide to Ethics.


In Ireland, Philosophy Now is available from newsagents in some areas, including Dublin. Some branches of Eason’s stock it, including their flagship store on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

United States

In the USA, Philosophy Now is widely available from newsstands, bookstores and magazine stores. Most Barnes & Nobles stores carry it. In case of difficulty, call Disticor Magazine Distributors on (905) 619 6565. They can tell you your nearest stockist.


In Canada, you can often find it in your local Chapters, as well as many other bookstores. In case of difficulty finding it, call Disticor Magazine Distributors on (905) 619 6565.


In Australia, Philosophy Now is available from around 700 independent newsagents across the nation. If you can’t find it near you, please contact our distributors Gordon & Gotch Australia on (02) 9972 8800 and they’ll help you locate a copy near to you.

Other countries

Philosophy Now is also available, in a smaller number of outlets, in other countries including: Greece, Hong Kong, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, and Sweden.